The Abuse of Emotions

Emotions are controlling your life too much at the moment. They are getting in the way of the truth, they are blinding you from reality. They will whittle you down until you feel so incomplete and so unworthy. They will continue to whisper lies of how people hate you because of the things you have done. They will continue to tell you how powerless you are because of where you stand in life. They will continue to tell you how ugly you are because you are never satisfied with what you see in the mirror.

Too many people have and have had control over your emotions. You have allowed them control of your happiness, instead they tore you down and emptied you of all the things that bring you joy. You have given your love to people who have only ever abused it. Your perspective on life has become so darkened and fractured. Your life feels like it has been torn into too many pieces, you do not know how to put them all together again.

What happens now? How does life go on?

You take control and you take your time. Healing is a painful but a beautiful process. It is not okay that you were allowed to be broken and damaged like that. You realise now, that no one is control of your happiness and life. EXCEPT YOU! You let go of everything that has burdened you.

You shatter the mirrors that have only ever told you lies. That includes the social media that has only ever fed you a very processed and belittled perspective. You learn to find contentment in the quirks and the features you have.

You learn to find peace with your past, you let that power you on to who you are determined to be. You stop listening to those who only ever want you to fail. You take charge, you give purpose to the beautiful life you have been given.

You learn that the world can never give you all the answers. Neither can the church or any other institute, they are human, they make mistakes. One person that will always give you life and will love you unconditionally is Jesus! Jesus has been with you through it all, the highs and the lows. He has felt every tear you have cried and knows every lie you have believed. Your past is forgiven through Jesus, he wants you to know freedom from the guilt that grips you. “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world.’ You are so loved, you were worth dying for.

Allow a faith to be sparked, allow trust to be built “You are rebuilding me, piece by piece” (Worship mob). You come to Jesus as you are, Jesus is not looking for a specific perfect person. Jesus looks for someone who will be faithful regardless of the mistakes they make, that will trust that Jesus walks with them through their whole life. “… Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

You do not have to fear people, nor give them control over who you are. You get to make the choice of what you believe and what you hold dear. You are wonderful and so loved. Believe and always have hope.

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