Remain Focused


Remain focused!

Stop comparing your life to those around you.

Keep your life motivated by your faith,

Keep asking for the Spirit to lead you.

Pray big prayers! For God is far bigger and mightier than you could ever believe.

Keep loving people and learning to grow in love.

Remain focused!

Keep your eyes on God, let him be your guide.

Allow God to take away what is not necessary for your life.

To replace it with his will and purpose.

Remain focused!

Keep the faith.


I am easily distracted, and many times misled into things that I should not be doing. I am very easily influenced by other people and what they think of me. We have all dealt with this issue, or like me it is something you are trying to conquer.


It has got to the point in my life where I want it to be led by the Spirit. I want my life to be a life lived by faith where I am constantly pursuing Christ. ‘Remain focused’ were two words that came to me when I was flicking through Instagram. I was reading posts about the word or words that people were using to theme their year. Where it would enable them to make further steps within their faith and be able to apply it in their life. I thought it was a great idea, however, it was not something for me. That was when those two words came to the forefront of my mind and they kept coming. I chose to make them my words and that inspired the prayer right at the beginning of the blog.


I am sharing with you know some of the steps that I am beginning to take in order to pursue remaining focused. They could possibly be things you could implement into your life or inspire you into your own pursuits.


To remain focused means that my life must be more disciplined. One step I have started to do, is to lay before God the things I really struggle with. These are the things that take up a lot of mind but do not lead me on a closer walk with Jesus. Where there is growth there has to be a season of stripping off the bad things. Removing the old to make room for the new.

John 15 is a favourite passage where it reminds us that Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. When I choose not to stay connected to Jesus, I cultivate things in my life that I believe are fruitful, but they bear no fruit. The worst thing is I get attached to these things, so I find it hard to let go. That is why I cannot do it in my own strength, I need to lay it before God. To reconnect with Jesus, who is the true vine. ‘Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.’, (John 15v4)


That leads me onto my next step, to keep learning and growing. I was really blessed to begin the year with Galatians. It taught me how little I know and how mighty our God is. It taught me the difference in pursuing the flesh vs the ways of the spirit. To remain focused is being mindful in what I am choosing to pursue. To think, is this a desire of the flesh or is it something that is going to be fruitful. That is my aim, this year, to pursue a life that is purposeful and fruitful. Not in the world’s standards, rather a life in accordance to what God has called me to. To remember that in belonging to Jesus, ‘Those who belong to Christ Jesus has crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.’, (Galatians5v24). There is nothing that can compare to the life that God gives me, it may not be easy, but it will be fruitful.


The final step I have begun working on now is overcoming fear, not allowing it to be the driver of my life. I fear a lot, even over the smallest things. Even the way people react with me makes me fearful, it consumes my thoughts because I become so overwhelmed with what I should be doing better and how to keep in relationship with people. I am tired of fearing everything. It is one thing that God is beginning a good work in me. It is the realisation that I cannot change people, situations, etc; however I do have God on my side and that is where I can find my joy and delight. I was reading Psalm 57 and it was the first verse that made me think. ‘Be merciful to me, O God be merciful to me, for in you my soul takes refuge; in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge, till the storms of destruction pass by.’ Normally when I read these passages, I think of me just resting in God’s presence not actually having to deal with the situation but just letting it pass me by. God revealed to me a new truth. I can take refuge in him but we are not going to stay in the same place. Instead, in the shadow of his wings I walk with God through what I am battling. I continue to do this until I have overcome this battle. This is a continuous process where I find my rest in God through what I am dealing with, because God is weathering that storm with me. It is about me learning to bring all my fears before God. It’s in his power that we will deal with them. Some of my fears may come to nothing and others may take time to face. I am not doing it alone and am not allowing fear to have its control over me.


These are the steps that I am beginning to take to remain focused. Learning to grow and nourish myself in the unfailing word of God. To pursue his love for me rather than anyone else’s. It is through his love that he enables me to grow and love others better.


Now may be the time that God is calling you to implement a new change or asking you to trust him in a new way in your life. In prayer may you offer up anything that you are struggling with now or something that you want to start happening in your life. Our God is far bigger and mightier than we could ever comprehend but he cares for every minute part of you. May this be the year that you allow your fears to be overcome by victory in Jesus name.


May you have a blessed week and I pray that you will all find the direction that God is calling you in. You are so loved and precious, may you know God’s peace over your life. Love Victoria. xx

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