Lessons I’m learning… (New chapters)

I want to take this blog in a whole new direction and focus it on being a faith journal. Which incorporates what I am learning about my faith but also focuses on what I am learning about life. How life and faith come together. Some weeks it will be what I am learning from the Bible and how that is impacting my faith, in thought and action. Other weeks I will look at passions that I have or what I am learning about life. Then looking at how my faith impacts it and what thought processes it enables me to have. I want this year to be one of growth especially in regards to my life and my faith. I want to be able to incorporate them together, instead of them being two different pieces of who I am. This will be my journey over the next, I hope that it will inspire or help you along with your journey. We should never do life alone, I think it is important to share our stories with each other and to grow together.

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