Lessons I’m learning from: Faith, coffee, books and music.

I like to think that these are the key factors that come together to make me the person I am today. Sure, there are other aspects to my life, but these are the key ones that make me happy and have contributed to how I see the world.


Faith is important to me because it gives me hope and determination for the day. I have struggled a lot with religion over the past few years, especially how it gives a set view of how we should see God and the world. I have been more determined to grow in my faith, through my own personal reading and exploration. While my faith is that which makes me Christian, I do not follow these beliefs with a blindness. Rather they are truths that I know in my life and truths that I want to live out. Faith teaches me to not constantly beat myself up about mistakes I have made. Rather to pick myself up, learn from it and rectify what can be rectified from it.  I enjoy sharing what I have learned because I hope that it will bless others; with the hope that they will go on to explore it for themselves. It is important for us all to have our own relationship with Jesus. If we just stand in awe of someone else’s or believe we are not worthy of it, then we miss out on our own callings and blessings. I have learned that faith should not be seen as a dry, ritualistic duty. Rather, something that gives me life and purpose, most importantly where I find my joy. Even if my faith looks different to others, that is okay because we all have our own journey to make.



Coffee, do not get me wrong, I am no coffee snob. Most days I drink Nescafe Gold and that makes me pretty content. I would state that my favourite coffee shop would have to be Starbucks; I love the coffee they use and most of them have a good vibe to them. I am definitely, a highly caffeinated person who should learn to have some control over the amount I consume. Coffee has as special place in my heart because I have had some of the best conversations, read some incredible things and wrote many thoughts. It is my silent companion that keep me stimulated even on the longest of nights.


Books are the things I could talk about for days. If you ask for a recommendation, I am pretty sure I could give you something you would like. Books have been a part of my life since I could read, no joke. After my first pair of glasses my joy began there. I love being wrapped up in a world that is not mine, where there is such a high level of imagination. Where there are heroes and heroines, hope and love. Even in contemporary reads finding characters that are relatable. In situations that will impact all our lives. Books also have this wonderful gift or bringing different people together. There is beauty in no one reading the same book in the same way, there is always something the individual reader will grasp for themselves. Books enable the reader to understand the world, and people around them better, that is why I believe they are such a gift. The world is blessed with many powerful and imaginative writers; who bring truth or escapism to the everyday reader. I love reading and I want it to be something I can do until I die.


Music, for me has the same beauty that books do. The impact that music has in bringing people from all different backgrounds together, who have a passion either for the music or the artist/s who has created it is incredible. I wouldn’t say I have a set music taste. I asked my sister and she said that I would fall into the alternative genre, in regards to rock, indie and singer/songwriter. I admire music that deals with mental health and life issues, where the pain is present but there is also the aspect of hope as they overcome what they are facing. I also listen to a lot of Christian music but like the other music I listen to, I like it to deal with depth but also with thanksgiving and praise. It would be similar to the sort of songs found in the Psalms. Music is such a wonderful form of communication which transcends years and countries.


These are a few things that I wanted to share about myself as I continue on this journey of life. They are my presents and I hope that even when the years change, these are the things that will remain with me. God has blessed me with a beautiful life, where I have passions and creativity. I hope that as you read this you think of the things that make you, you. That you remain thankful for them and you see them as a blessing to be able to interact with other people.

May you have a blessed week, and may you continuously keep learning. Love Victoria. xx

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