Lessons I’m learning from: decluttering.


This is not a blog about how Marie Kondo has transformed my life, as wonderful as her ways may be. Rather, it has been something I have been focusing on for the past few weeks. The act of decluttering takes time and patience. However, it makes room to find renewed purpose and hope in life.

One place that needed decluttered the most was my bedroom. I spent a few hours (with the help of my wonderful sister) getting rid of a lot of the junk from my room. I hold onto many things, that I believe are important or that will become useful again. Honestly, it just created mess instead of usefulness. Under my bed was the worst, it had many items that I had dragged back and forth from university and then had held onto as mementos. It was good to get rid of the majority of it because most of it was rubbish. We also organised my room so that it was accessible to pursue the passions I have now. Removing the unnecessary items has allowed me to see how life has moved on. While those things may have once held prominence in my life, they are not allowing me to grow at the moment. My desk is now for writing, I have items on it that inspire and also aid me to write. It is wonderful to have this passion of mine emphasised. It enables my mind to focus, to remember that writing is an art I want to pursue.

Another focus has been on decluttering my mind, I have put an emphasis on having a quiet time each day. To begin to free my mind and to focus on the truths that I want to build my life upon.  I have talked about how I journal and try to read my Bible each day. I have started reading books that help me to pursue my faith but also how to put it into practise in life. Each evening I have been reading a chapter of ‘The Purpose Driven Life’. I am only six chapters into it but my perspective on how I view life and items is already changing. What I love about this book is it starts right at the beginning, even if you are coming to it with no faith or whatever faith you have it meets you there. This book has enabled me to step back and evaluate why I see life the way I do, and how that is controlling how I live. To begin working through that has given my mind some relief and peace. To focus on what I need in life and what is necessary to get rid of.

To be reminded that life is brief has put an emphasis on what I am choosing to pursue. My faith reminds me not to get too attached to anything or anyone. That life on earth is not where life ends, to always have hope and to pursue that which blesses others. I am in awe of this quote from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, ‘The Last Battle’. ‘All the life in this world… had only been the cover and the title page, now at last they were beginning chapter one of the Great Story, which no one on earth has read, which goes on forever and in which every chapter is better than the one before.’ (Taken from Rick Warren’s edit on p39 of The Purpose Driven Life). I do believe that there is life after death, that we were all created in purpose and for a purpose, Whether we choose to pursue what we are called to do or live a life selfishly after our own desires. That is our choice.

To believe that I am here by chance and that this is the only life I live, truly leaves me unsettled because there would be no purpose in living. We all put our faith in something, one way or another. Where our faith lies, is the way that we will pursue life.

In giving myself time to begin thinking about what I truly believe and what I was allowing myself to believe, has given me freedom. It does not mean that I will always pursue the right decisions, if I can hold strong onto the foundation on which my faith lies that will enable to face the harder paths of life. Where life may not always fall in my favour, for that is a selfish desire to even believe for ones life, I trust that it will build my character. In growing stronger in my faith, I pray that it will enable me to love and serve people well. To hold dear to that which is important and to let go of the many things that are not allowing me to grow.

The decluttering process is still taking its time, I will let it take its time as it is something that should not be rushed. Reflection is a wonderful practise to do. It enables you to think about why you are doing something and what it is leading you to pursue. The impact that others are having on your life and to focus on the person you want to be. If you have not done it in a while and all you feel is life slipping through your fingers, may you take time to purposefully stop. Even for 15 mins out of your day. Take some time to breathe and process. Then move forward with your renewed sense of direction and hope.

To finish this blog. May we hold dear the many Muslim communities around the world, especially in New Zealand. Where we are called to pray, may we also love and bless people where we can. For God is love and he calls his children to love.

May you have a blessed week. You are loved and cherished; continuously keep learning. Love Victoria. xx

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