Lessons I’m learning from: the women in my family. ( Dedicated to my Mum and in memory of my Granny.)

I wanted to dedicate this blog to two women. Firstly, my Mum, her care and love knows no bounds. Secondly my Granny, who passed away in the summer of 2017; who has left an impact on my life that shapes me today. These are two important women in my life who have taught me many valuable lessons and have helped navigate me through many seasons of my life.

My Mum is a very wise woman, I am not just saying that, she has taught me so much and continues to teach me. My Mum is a Godly woman, any issue that I talk over with her she will always end in prayer. To place the issue in the hands of God, reminds us both that when life seems out of control. God is working in it in one way or another. That nothing is ever out of God’s control.

Proverbs 31v26 ‘When she speaks her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness.’ My Mum is strong because she continues to care and support her four children as we all find our own paths in adulthood. She supports my Dad in many areas of the church. She also works long hours enabling people to accomplish their goals so that they can reach their full potential. It is a powerful gift Mum has as she has the determination and strength to see everyone reaching their full potential.

A powerful lesson she has taught our family is the truth of remaining faithful and trusting God even in the darkest moments of our lives. My Mum is a cancer survivor, it certainly came with its difficulties. A surgery that led to complications had my Mum in the hospital, with the possible outcome of her losing her life. Even when the medical staff were giving up hope, my Mum did not give up trusting in God and in the many miraculous ways that he works. I was taught a valuable lesson through her experience to hold close and to keep fighting, trusting God and surrendering all to him.

Having love and hope spoken over me from a young age, has taught me the importance of love and how a Godly love is different to that of a worldly love.  There are things that I have done in my life that have not honoured my Mum nor made her proud. While my Mum has never been afraid to tell me the errors of my way, she has always been quick to forgive. She is great at understanding, where we will differ on things, she will not judge me or love me any less. Lastly, my Mum is proud of her children, she will celebrate with us in our small successes and our big ones. She will be interested in our passions and will also have a hand to help us where she can. I love my Mum a lot and watching her with our family and other people has taught me a lot. I hope I will grow up to be as wise, caring, faithful and loving as she is.

My Granny was an incredible woman, who taught me love and the importance of laughter. She was a woman who loved her family with all her heart. She was a generous woman, who often put other people before herself. I knew my Granny for 21 years but I have been blessed to hear many wonderful stories about her. She did not always have it easy in life but she lived life well.

I did not have an old-fashioned Granny, she very cool and beautiful. She would fly over to England, she was from Northern Ireland and I can proudly say all of us were born there too. When Granny came it was something, we got excited about and would count down the days too. We would all go to the airport to meet her from when we were small into early adulthood, she was a woman you wanted to be around. She would play games with us and would take us out walking, that would always end with ice-cream or cake. Shopping was another favourite, time was spent in laughter and finding beauty even in the small things.

My Granny loved to dance and enjoyed company, she was well respected and loved because that was how she treated others. As we got older she would remind us, that we all come into this world the same and we all leave the world the same. We do not take any riches with us, it was a reminder to not pursue money and possessions as our life goal. To live life well with respect for other people and thankfulness for what we had.

Granny always looked presentable. We all remember in our house the night she sprayed so much hairspray that it seeped under our bedroom doors, we could literally taste it. She always put on lippy before she left the house, it is something that I have implemented into my life as a memory of her.

We were all taught through her, the importance of family and caring for one another through the good and the bad. Spending quality time together, the simplicity of having a laugh and sharing memories over a drink.

I pray that I will learn to love people better and to care for people more just like my Granny did. To be grateful for what I have in life, no matter how small it may be and to live life well. I miss my Granny a lot, but the impact of her life lives on in all her family members.

May you all have blessed week. You are loved and cherished, may you find time to thank and appreciate the women in your life who have helped you along the way. Love Victoria. xx

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