I was immersed in the beauty of this sunset this evening. Time seemed to slow down and my mind stopped racing. I was amazed at how the beauty of a sunset which is an ordinary experience is absolutely extraordinary. The way that it explodes all these incredible pastel colours over the sky. How it gave the water a new lease of life. How even those walking by, stopped to take in the beauty that was around them. We miss a lot in life because we rush around too much. In taking the time to embrace the beauty of creation that is around us. Reminds us that there is many things that are out of our control. However, the sun still sets at the end of the day and it throws out all this beauty regardless of how good or bad our day was. It reminded me that there can always be hope, beauty and life even on the darkest day. That God still gives a lot of purpose into each day and never stops showing his glorious creation to us. A beautiful blessing to end the week.Love Victoria. Xx

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