Embracing Life: Don’t Rush

I had a driving lesson today, one issue I struggle with is that I rush. When I rush, I make mistakes because I forget to take in all that is around me. It made me think of my life in general and I tend to rush a lot through life. I always want to get things done so that I can move on to the next thing. Instead, of engaging with what is right in front of me. I miss widening my perspective because I am solely focused on the one goal of finishing. However, when things pop up that I did not expect I get easily frustrated and frazzled.

It is a goal that I need to set up in my life, to take life at a more steady pace. To be embracing the good around me and to be facing my problems with strength and courage. I need to remember that when I am behind the wheel, literally and figuratively, I am in control. I need to be aware of where I am and of those around me. I do not want to be the person constantly racing against other people and trying to be the better person. I want to work on being a better person for myself and living life with a heart of gratitude and engagement.

As I reflect on rushing, one place I have been slowing down this week is in my quiet time with God. Normally I would open up a chapter of the Bible, have a quick prayer and be done for the day. I have been learning the importance of engaging with the text in front of me. To meditate on the way that Jesus spoke to people, how the people engaged with Jesus and the truth that was being revealed. Not about making my Bible time about me but about learning about those people’s lives. Learning more about who God is and how to serve God and people better. It has been a real blessing. Even though Jesus knew that his death was near. He did not rush his encounters with people but met with them and blessed and transformed their lives. It is a calling for us to love our neighbour as ourselves and I am not loving my neighbour well if I am constantly rushing through life.

In embracing life, I need to learn to be a little kinder to myself. That although time is fleeting, it is not my master. That I can go at a steadier place and still get tasks done. To be honest I might enjoy doing it more, when I actually engage with the task. I am thankful for the advice that I was given with my driving and I will add that lesson to my life in general. It is a daily practise, that will need grace and peace to go alongside it.

On my goals I set up last week. I have been given an incredible opportunity to go into ministry work abroad. That has utterly transformed my life and my perspective on life. My driving is still a working progress and I am continously taking on board the advice I am being given. Lastly, I am continuing to learn about incredible people and how they gave used their life to bless and minister to other.

My goal this week is to engage with slowing done and going at a steadier place. To continue engaging in my quiet time and finally to make the preparations to begin the next step on my journey.

Keep moving forward,

Love Victoria. Xx

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