This blog will be used for links to resources, petitions and ways to donate to support Black Lives Matter. There will be links to some of the conversations that happened in churches this past weekend, on the topic of racism, and what the church must do in moving forward. May we take this time to learn, to grow and to advocate together. May we take some time to pray together.


You are a God who constantly fights for the oppressed, it is a truth that flows throughout the Bible. You do not only fight for the oppressed, but you get them the justice they deserve. Father, you are not deaf or blind to the cries of oppression that are coming from the Black community. From the evil which has enabled racism to flow through many communities and societies. Which has resulted in the murder of many black individuals who have been cruelly misjudged and hated for too long. Lord, the murder of George Floyd was pure evil, from an evil system which has lasted too long. We pray you would be so close to his family at this time as they mourn and grieve the injustice of George Floyd’s death, may your presence be with them through it all. Thank you, Jesus, for change which is coming and may it be fully established in your name. May our hearts, minds, and souls be completely removed and transformed from an ideology that would permit and empower hate and death. Those systems are not by your hand. Anything not of your hand will crumble and be no more. We pray for the complete downfall of racism and evil. May our world become a place where people are treated with love and fully respected, where we see skin colour not as something to cause division but in the beauty that you have made us to be. For all of those within the black community who are hurting, may you meet them with your peace and love. May you be their hope that you hear their cries. As you have set those who were oppressed free before, you will do it again. May we as your children, rise up to do more. May we fight hate, for hate is not what you call us to harbour. Father, may you keep all those who protest safe and keep those who would want do harm to those who protest far away. We pray for all donations that are being made that enough would be raised to meet every need and that petitions would not be ignored by those in authority. We seek hope and change for all our black brothers and sisters and that they would be able to walk in freedom, like they always should have. In the name of Jesus, Amen.






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