Wrapping up June ( Lift up one another)

Before I go into my blog. May you who are reading this be encouraged. For some of you reading this, the past month has been a huge battle for you. There has been a lot of uncertainty and fear of what is to come. Even in reading this, maybe none of your problems have been fixed. However, you have got through each day and made it to the end of this month. I want to say to you, the fight and the determination you have will lead you forward. May your heart be set on hope and may you be surrounded by people who want you to succeed. This season may feel like it is going on forever but take it each step at a time. Success is a process and sometimes that process will be difficult. Remember how important the journey is, it is not just about the destination. I hope that you will know the truth and hope of having the Lord walk with you every step of the way. You are loved and you are known! Thank you for being part of this community.

June has been a month that has united people to stand together; to fight for love, justice, and hope. Where the pandemic isolated us, we have come together to fight against oppression and injustice. As we continue to do this, as we continue to learn and to educate ourselves. May we not forget to look out for our brothers and sisters, who have known this oppression day and night. May we continue to love and care for those around us and lift each other up. We know our world is better when we choose to stand together, may we come together to fight against any system or person who would continually try to separate us. May we be a community who continues to learn together, when we make mistakes to learn from them. We all have so much to offer, may we support one another to all reach our full potential.



Some of the lessons I have been learning over the past month has been about worry. Let me be honest, I have not had work since March and when I am not working, I am not earning any money. I started to not only worry but fear about my finances over the past month, the money that I had just did not seem enough to cover my bills if I continued on with no work. This started to cause me a lot of stress and anxiety, I was actively looking and praying for jobs. However, nothing seemed to be successful. Where I could only see one solution on how to fix my problem, God had another. Let me just say, I finish this month in a better financial status than when I started. I am in no way saying this to brag but I have been learning how God is my provider. From all the applications I have sent off for jobs, it has been hard to keep getting nos. However, it has led me to trust in the Lord more and to be honest with the Lord. Finances are not an easy topic to talk about to anyone and it is a hard one to surrender to God. I have been learning when I try to take things into my own hands, my worry and fear blinds me from seeing God’s hand within the process. Although I finish this month without a job, I know nothing is ever wasted. What we can see as fruitless labours, the Lord has wonderful ways or turning it into fruit which grows abundantly.

I know when I fear and worry, it leads me to put God in a box in the belief that God can only do so much within my life. This is not true, for God does care about every bit of us and will meet us in every need. We need to stop letting the enemy win, we are so easily disappointed when we do not get the quick solutions, we dreamed of happening. God does not work within our time frame; we are asked to trust in him. Honestly, trusting is one of the hardest acts to do because it is taking the control out of our hands. On the other hand, when God has the situation in hand, he can turn what was broken into something beautiful.

I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. (Psalm 43v4)

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5v7)

I am going to link some beautiful worship songs, which I have been loving and are testimony of God’s grace and goodness within our lives.

There is so much fear which is pouring throughout the world, may we conquer it together and with love.

The other lesson I have been learning is the importance of the people around me. Do not get me wrong, it is important to love and serve people well for we are called to. It is such a blessing to serve and love others. However, it is important who you choose to have close to you. The people who you do life with and share your highs and lows with. The people who you have around you are the people who are going to be impacting you. I have been learning the importance of trusting and holding close to the people who support and encourage each other to reach their full potential. On the other hand, learning it is okay to let go of the people who are not a positive influence and who have toxic intentions. To continue to surround myself with those sorts of people, ultimately, I will become that way inclined. I lived that way in my teenage years and certainly do not want to live that way again. It has been learning to be discerning and asking for God’s wisdom over friendships. I honestly believe how we come away from having hung out with individuals in our life is an indicator to what sort of friendship we have with them. We want to be lifted and supported, not discouraged and bitter.

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another- and all the more as you see the Day approaching. (Hebrews 10v24-25).


To finish up, what I have been loving this month.

  • Building You with Hayley Mulenda (Podcast)
  • Queenie Candice Carty-Williams (Book)
  • Pineapple and coconut juice
  • Long walks in the sunshine
  • Church ministry
  • Celebrating my sister’s birthday
  • Celebrating Father’s Day
  • Beautiful and fruitful conversations with my Mum
  • Educating myself
  • Spending time with the Lord
  • Playing a racing game with my sister Emmie, we may not be the best, but we get points for trying
  • Being able to sleep till 8 most mornings
  • Getting to see my brother after many months
  • Meals in the garden



Have a blessed week. Keep pressing forwards. God bless, Victoria. xx






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