A prayer amidst all the disappointment

Hello, to you all!

The past few months I have been doing a wrap-up blog; which I have loved doing but for this month I am going to leave it. I am going to do is leave a similar prayer down below that I have been praying over my life. It is a prayer for feeling stuck and feeling as if all your progress is going nowhere. This is a topic I am going to writing about as we enter into September, looking at how we deal with disappointment in a time of uncertainty. It will be an honest discussion of issues many of us are struggling with now and how we keep our faith or find our faith in these very uncertain times. If you would like to keep this series in your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it because I know how needed prayer is.

I want to say thank you, for each person who supports my blog. It is wonderful to see a growing community and it has been such an encouragement and a blessing for me to have such a creative outlet. I thank God for every one of you and the blessings the Lord continues to pour out from these blogs. God bless you and keep you, love Victoria.


Father, thank you for who you are and for making me who I am. Another month has passed and while you have blessed it with beautiful things, I cannot hide my disappointment and sadness over remaining stuck within the same place. Each step I try to take in-progress often feels like two steps back and it hurts. The rejection comes quickly with little sign of approval. As I try to keep my faith and my hope in my situation changing. To keep trusting you can use all things for your good, I truly only see the ashes instead of the beauty. Lord, I know you are not a God who cannot take my hurt and my questions. For you know the depths of my heart and my innermost thoughts. While these struggles surround me, I want to trust you are holding me close and one day I will look back on these days and see your hand upon each one. I trust Lord you still have places to send me and people you want me to meet. There is so much I still need to learn and much I need to share. I trust when the time is right you will make me fully aware and guide me into my next steps. As I look now on my situation and on those around me struggling. Lord may your grace and mercy surround us all. May you lead us to the right places and lead the right people to us. Lord, while suffering is a part of living may we be able to grasp a sense of hope and purpose even where we are. May we sense your love and care. May you open our eyes to seeing your blessing and care for us each day. For you truly are a God who will never leave us or forsake us. May we not allow our struggles to separate us from you. You will always make a way where there seems to be no way. May the hope you give us, speak louder than our doubt. In the name of Jesus. Amen.


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