Wrapping up (Struggling in a time of uncertainty)

We have made it to the end of September and the end of this series. It was a series which I learned a lot about myself as I wrote it; it was an honest look at what it means to struggle and how I had been dealing with it. I wrote with the hope which can only be found through Jesus and it was a hope which kept me going through these long months. I do want to share some good news with you all, which has happened in my life over the past week. It is not written in anyway to gloat but to simply glorify God for how faithful He has been, even through all my struggles.

Before mentioning any news I want to take time to pray for us all. No matter what this next month brings there will be uncertainties and struggles. May our hope be found in the Lord, who will be with us through it all.  

Father, thank you for bringing each of us here. Thank you, Lord, you never leave us or forsake us through our struggles. Sometimes we feel you are so distant from us, but it is not the truth. You are faithful and steadfast in all your ways. I lift before you each person whose heart feels broken and tender from rejection. Lord, I pray you would lead them to a place of peace and healing. I pray you would surround them with people who would speak life and hope over them. I pray they would allow themselves to be held and loved, even when they feel everything is against them. Father, I pray for each of us who have been self-sabotaging for far too long. I pray we would not hide away because of shame or failure or rejection or anything else; which causes us to limit ourselves and the potential we have. Lord, for every person who has come into this month who has lost so much. Where the emotion is so raw and crippling, Lord may you grant them comfort and support through this time. May they not be left alone but may someone come alongside them to walk with them through this all. I pray for each person, who even in struggling is pushing themselves forward. For the days when their anxiety is so high, but they keep on trying. May they know that even their smallest step is a step closer to achieving what they need. I pray we would lay our struggles and our fears before you Lord. You are not ashamed of them, but you do want us to trust you. To offer all we have and allow you to work with those pieces. We are loved, not because of what we do but because you chose to love us. You will love us at our worst and our best. I pray for all my brothers and sisters that we would keep the faith. May we remember, faith as small as a mustard seed can do mighty acts. You know our hearts and our minds, Lord, may we not allow our struggles to define who we can become. You are working in our lives and even when we cannot see it, everything will ultimately work out for your glory. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

I want to conclude by sharing a short testimony. I have shared a lot about my life, over the past month, so I will not go too in depth here. Firstly, I wrote in one of my blogs about the temp job which I had once I got back from Amsterdam. It was not successful, and I ended up leaving. Not long after writing that blog, I was having some quiet time and I received a letter. Within that letter was the news, I had paid too much tax for that previous job, so I was owed some money back. I was unbelievably thankful because the timing of it was perfect, my money was getting low and the next thing I had money coming in. I am thankful for the Lord because He provided that job to get me back on my feet after being away volunteering. Then it was used to bless me later on in the year by providing for my needs to be met in the most wonderful way. I have been reminded this year to trust in God’s timing because it is always perfect and it truly is.

Secondly, I now have a job after being unemployed for six months. Truly it has God’s hand fully on it. I mean it because of how everything fell into place. I applied for the job on Friday, had a phone interview the same day. Then the following day, had an interview in store and got the job. Truly, I take no credit for it. By God’s grace and faithfulness, He has provided it for me. It is a huge answer to prayer. A few months ago, I prayed for a job that would come so naturally that it could only be by God it had come. It is similar to the opportunity to go and volunteer in Amsterdam last year. Honestly, I knew nothing about the volunteering programme; I applied not thinking I would get it and the next thing, I was in Amsterdam.

I now start this new job on Monday, and it is in retail, which is something I highly enjoy doing. I trust God has put me there for a purpose which is not only to work. I am incredibly thankful and excited for this next chapter.

Finally, I write for you, who is still in a time of waiting. Waiting is the hardest part; you see other people moving on with life and you feel stuck. You have so many people giving you advice and opinions on what can help you. Sometimes, life does not turn out the way we planned. Do not give up, you never know how quickly life can turn around. Keep your faith and trust in God, even if it seems so small at the moment. Take time to rest and find peace. God is faithful and his timing is always perfect.

For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. (Psalm 100:5)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3v5-6)

For nothing will be impossible with God. (Luke 1v37)

God bless you and keep you, love Victoria. xx

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2 thoughts on “Wrapping up (Struggling in a time of uncertainty)

  1. We struggle but the struggle only goes to show us the value of our faith our hope that are more precious than gold or diamonds for they have eternal value.
    Rejoice with you as I also weep with you and struggle with you. The Lord is good all the time 😊

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