Wrapping up October (Falling leaves and a fresh start)

Autumn is here and it fills me with joy. The colder weather, the changing leaves, and everything beginning to become cosier.

We cannot deny this year still continues in uncertainty and difficulty. I have been learning to count my blessings as they come and trying to take each day as it comes.

October has flown by most of it has spent learning my new role within my job. I am back in retail again and I am thankful. Retail work is not always pleasant (but it is the same for any job) but to be working and to be able to socialise with different customers is a blessing. The Lord provided work at just the right time and I cannot deny His faithfulness and goodness to me. In hindsight, this year has been teaching me the importance of waiting and trusting in the Lord. To not keep running ahead but to walk with the Lord and allow His hand to guide me through my days. Do I do this perfectly each day? No! However, I try each day to surrender and allow the Lord to lead.

In wrapping up this month, I want to take time to share what I have been learning and to pray for you who are reading this. My blogs have not been so consistent this month as I have struggled to find routine. As I get more comfortable within my job and allocating time, hopefully, the November blogs will be more consistent. This will not be a long blog, but I hope you will be encouraged. If you would like, leave a comment on what you have been learning this month.

October’s lessons:

  • Slow down, there is no need to rush. I have been learning the importance of finding peace in the morning. I mentioned this in one of my previous blogs. To learn not to rush into the day has helped me to cope with the day’s problems. Each day I allow my mind to find peace in the Lord’s presence and I surrender my day. It reminds me who is in control of the day and I need not do it in my own strength. I have noticed a significant difference when I start the day slowly compared to rushing into everything.
  • Take time for people, whether at work or at home. I have to remind myself, I am never too busy to take time out to be present with what someone has to say. I admit I get easily distracted, when I feel I have a lot to do I zone out and become one sighted on getting a task done. Truly, what a waste of a day to be solely focused on my own agenda that I never see the people around me.
  • A lick of paint brings new life. My Dad and my sister beautifully painted my room for me this week, it is now a berry pink. As I was sat praying last night, it was a reminder for me that the past is gone, and this is a new start. The old is completely covered by what is new. It would take a lot of effort to get it back to how it was.
  • Be present and enjoy nature. Last weekend I was feeling very anxious over quite a few things. As I was getting ready to leave for work, I broke down in tears. My sister comforted me and reminded me everything will be okay. As I walked to work and let my mind process my thoughts; I could not ignore the beauty of the leaves around me in their variety of colours. It led my heart into a state of peace, and I was reminded, God is in control in every season and situation of life.
  • Lastly, everything will work out. I have spent so much of this year in a state of worry and fear. I struggled to see how everything could and would work out. Here I am, probably still worrying about something but trusting in the God who provides. I am constantly reminded of how God is in control and He is faithful. It is God’s timing which is perfect, and it is learning to trust and surrender control to Him.

For my mind which overthinks everything, going into something new is always overwhelming. I cannot be more thankful for how present God has been in my life and how He has enabled me to accomplish so many achievements this month. He has been so present in many conversations and in the wisdom and clarity needed, for daily tasks. It has been such a blessing to walk into this area of life, knowing the Lord has gone before me and is with me.

I want to finish this blog by praying for you.

Father, thank you for the person reading this. I pray you would be the God of all comfort and strength in every situation they are dealing with. I pray if this month has been surrounded by difficulties and uncertainties, you would surround them with the right people who will help and support them through all their difficulties. I pray for those who are stepping into new jobs or other roles in life. May you give them the courage and wisdom they need to succeed and to become part of the team in which you have placed them. In any situation we may find ourselves in, may we not let truth escape us. You are faithful to all your promises and you are our good shepherd who leads us on. As the colder and darker months come in, may we allow Your light to shine through us to those who are broken-hearted and in desperate need. May we be people who continue to look out for each other, helping and serving people as best we can. May we be reminded daily to come and find rest and peace in you; for it is through you our souls are restored. Thank you, Father, always for your faithfulness and grace towards us. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

For those of you who are feeling overwhelmed and anxious as many countries go into Lockdown again. May you know that the same God who led you through the last lockdown, is still with you now. God has gone before us and will guide us through it all.

Even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day, for darkness is as light for you. (Psalm 139v12)

Have a blessed week. Love Victoria. xx

2 thoughts on “Wrapping up October (Falling leaves and a fresh start)

  1. You always show you have a teachable spirit and this is a blessing because it is this spirit that God can work with.
    I am learning when Jesus does not speak and His voice seems too quiet for too long it’s not that He does not care or has nothing to say but it means He is listening for me to speak to share to open up

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