What is disturbing your peace?


(The beginning of this blog is a little update and thank you. Then we will get into the small devotional)

I will be honest; I have been struggling to write blogs over the past two months. As I have tried to plan out blogs, I lost motivation or lost interest in what I was writing about. Instead, I gave myself a break from trying to create content. Sometimes, when we have opportunity to, it is the best choice to rest and refill. This year has been challenging in so many aspects (it has been truly challenging for each one of us), to take time to step back and revaluate has been a blessing.

For the remaining part of this year, I cannot promise I will have weekly blogs as I used to. I can promise when there is something laid upon my heart to share with you all, I will always commit to sharing it with you through a blog.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who supports this small ministry. It has been such a blessing and all glory to God, to see this blog growing over the last year. To see new faces and to have new interactions. I could not be more thankful, because writing these blogs has really kept me going this year when I was unemployed and so insecure and worried about everything.

Please know, I pray for you all, I always hope your faith and trust in the Lord will grow daily. I hope even in the next year, God willing, we will continue to grow in wisdom and faith together. God bless you all. May you know you are loved and known, even in your hardest battles.


What do we allow to disturb our peace?

Are you some who quickly reacts as soon as a situation changes?

Or, are you someone who even in the storms of life are able to maintain hope and peace?

I admit, as I often do, I tend to worry about everything and overthink. Sometimes, I can keep a calm pretence while inside everything is going into overdrive. Most of the time, I do not deal well with unexpected news or a change in situation. This week I was challenged on my response while reading the gospel of Mark.

A little bit of context, the disciples are on a boat with Jesus as they cross to the other side. Then this happens…

A furious squall came up and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped. Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion. The disciples woke him and said to him, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” (Mark 4v37-38)

How relatable are the disciples reactions, to how we deal with any sort of uncertainty? Any situation which is not in accordance to how we desire it to be. We allow it to disturb our peace.  I truly trust Jesus, if that storm was any threat to the disciples; Jesus would not have been sleeping. He would have been along with them, reassuring them as he brought the storm to an end.

The situation the disciples were in was not pleasant and for some of them who were fishermen, they would have known what a situation like this could have led to. Ultimately, the ending could have been death. The disciples saw the situation and allowed their fear to control them.

A point of interest, the disciples trusted enough in Jesus because they turned to him when in fear for their life. When they asked Him, do you not care if we drown, they knew He had power and authority to do something to change the situation they were in. The story ends with Jesus getting up and calming the storm. However, He does question the disciples.

He said to his disciples “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith? (Mark 4v40)

The disciples had already seen Jesus accomplish many miracles. Jesus cared enough for people that he healed a shrivelled hand, healed someone who was paralysed and healed someone who had leprosy. Yet the disciples still chose to fear in the middle of the storm, that Jesus would not be faithful to them.

Similar to the disciples, when something is out of our control; we immediately want Jesus to calm it and take it away. Therefore, we can go back to living our comfortable life. Not realising it was an opportunity to grow in our faith and our relationship with Jesus. In truth, a difficulty in our life does not mean a lack of God’s faithfulness to us.

As Robert Madu says, if Jesus was asleep then the disciples could have chosen to rest too. ( I will link the sermon, below)

Storms in life will come. How we choose to react and where we put our faith is vital! Even in the greatest storms of life, Jesus offers us peace and rest at his side. The storm may be battering us on every side, but may our trust and peace be in the Lord. Knowing He will always make a way. Where he desires us to be; He will get us there.

I finish how I started, what are you allowing to disturb your peace today?

Can it not be laid down at the feet of Jesus? Can you not find some rest in the midst of this storm?

Love Victoria. xx

P.S If you need a song of reassurance, I have linked with one below.


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