To my beautiful Mum

My Mum suddenly passed away a couple of days ago. It was so quick it seemed so unreal. As they days have continued to pass, it has started to set in and I am heartbroken.

I want to give a little blog post to my number one supporter for my blog. My Mum would always leave a comment on the majority of blogs I did. While taking the time to verbally tell me she had left a comment and share what she had wrote. In all honesty my Mum had already read my blog, as I would always want her approval over it before I uploaded it.

She was so supportive and encouraging as I found my feet. My Mum kept my grounded in my faith. I would often come and speak to her about the troubles I was having and how I was struggling to trust God. My mum would listen, let me talk it all through and even when I was struggling to have faith; she would surrender it all up in prayer. Teaching me the importance of doing this, is something I will always be thankful for. Even in my struggles, to find peace and rest in the Lord; though it does not automatically take away my struggle helped me to know I was not doing it alone.

Truthfully my mum, like any of us, had her own struggles. There would be times when we would sit and talk and I would pray for her. As I have taken time to sit and read the comments she has left on my blog. It is such a joy to see how the Lord has used them, to speak into the midst of things mum was struggling with.

I will miss seeing her comments left on my blog. I will miss her proof reading my blog; anytime I looked up to see what she thought she would be nodding her head. I will miss conversations with my Mum as she would help me explore my faith and encourage me to step out and to share the Word of God. I will miss my Mum’s smile and her hugs. I will miss how she would celebrate the small things and the big things. I will miss her laugh; especially when it was due to my own clumsiness or misunderstanding. My Mum was beautiful, supportive and she loved the Lord. Her love for the Lord, has led to all her children coming to know and love the Lord.

God, I am so thankful for my Mum and all you did through her. She had an incredible faith and she trusted you in the very midst of her struggles. Her foundation was Jesus Christ and when we stand on His foundation; we are not easily shaken. She loved us unconditionally and supported us to be the very best that we can be. Lord, she truly ran her race well. My mum taught me the importance of perseverance and faith even in the midst of our greatest struggles. Although she is no longer here and that does hurt; I am thankful she is at peace with you, her Lord and Saviour, praising you all the day long.

Proverbs 31:25-25 She is clothed with strength and dignity. She can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

Until we meet again Mum. I love you!

P.S I came to the fairy garden to write this, Mum. You would have loved it. It looks all wild and beautiful.

7 thoughts on “To my beautiful Mum

  1. Beautiful Victoria
    Would love many to hear this maybe you could make a recording of it for the funeral service it would be too overwhelming to read out on the day
    I hope many read this blog and realise how blessed they are with their mum
    Very moving

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  2. My Mom passed away three years ago but it always felt like it was yesterday. When someone you love is gone, part of you will be gone as well and life will never be the same 😦


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