A short reflection, (Guard your heart)

This week I have been choosing to be intentional with filling myself up with the word of God, with quiet meditation and prayer. I am not going to do an in-depth blog this week as I have been using this time to refresh and to lean to the Father; as the Lord has been helping me to find peace and rest in his presence. I … Continue reading A short reflection, (Guard your heart)

Psalm 73 (The desires of our heart)

Psalm 73 reminds us how easy it is to become entranced and envious of other people’s lives. When we see others succeeding even when their ways are not always right and just. It can lead us to become bitter to the life that we have. We see the life we have as not enough, and others seem to be enjoying their way of life better. … Continue reading Psalm 73 (The desires of our heart)

Psalm 42 (Continue in hope)

There are a lot of concerns/worries crowding our hearts at this uncertain time. A lot of these things do lead to our soul feeling downcast and disturbed within us. In this blog, I want us to take time to meditate on Psalm 42. For many of us it will be a psalm that hits home at this time. While, in the psalm, the psalmist acknowledges … Continue reading Psalm 42 (Continue in hope)

Psalm 57 (Praise God through it all.)

For the rest of May, I want to focus on meditating on the psalms. I have kept coming back to the book of Psalms over the past few months. Finding psalms that help to bring peace and comfort to my soul. Also, those that help me to rejoice and praise the Lord. I will not do the psalms in any sort of order, but I … Continue reading Psalm 57 (Praise God through it all.)