Hope in the midst of despair

The final week of January! There is no denying this month has been tough. As I was thinking about the content for this blog,  I was led to psalm 143. It is a psalm which highlights the utter despair David was going through as he was facing such an overwhelming situation. He paints a vivid picture of the difficulties he is enduring. As the psalm … Continue reading Hope in the midst of despair

Perspective for 2021 (Psalm 27)

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. (27v13) Our perspective for 2021 is so important for how we will choose to journey through this year. Let us not deny 2021 has not started off easy; we are still dealing with the ongoing surge of coronavirus; political fallout and many countries are dealing with … Continue reading Perspective for 2021 (Psalm 27)

Heart of gratitude, part two (Reflection on the year)

I have seen this post on Instagram over the past few weeks and it inspired my thoughts for this blog. The post says ‘I thought 2020 would be the year I got everything I wanted. Now I know 2020 is the year I appreciate everything I have.’ At the beginning of this year, I wrote out some ideas of what I wanted to do in … Continue reading Heart of gratitude, part two (Reflection on the year)

What is disturbing your peace?

Hello! (The beginning of this blog is a little update and thank you. Then we will get into the small devotional) I will be honest; I have been struggling to write blogs over the past two months. As I have tried to plan out blogs, I lost motivation or lost interest in what I was writing about. Instead, I gave myself a break from trying … Continue reading What is disturbing your peace?