We shall all blossom again.

I am someone who is easily pleased and one sight that is beautiful to the eye, is the blossom that is emerging on the trees. I am a Spring baby, it makes me excited to see that Spring is beginning to return. It means that life is returning after a cold and dark winter. The blossom reminds me of the faithfulness of God; the beauty and the life that he continues to bring to his creation. Year after year.I feel with spring, comes new opportunities and renewed hope. That the bitterness of winter can be covered with the beauty of everything coming into bloom again. I entitled this blog, ‘We shall all blossom again’ because it is my prayer for a lot of people at the moment. 

I have been having conversations with people about how life is not turning out the way that they expected. For some, they felt like they had everything together; only for it to fall through their grasp. For others, they have been going through some truly rough seasons. I am not someone who wants to disregard what people are going through. I know from my own experience, that people have walked with me through my toughest seasons. As I walked today, I was thinking about these conversations. While being distracted by the buds that were beginning to bloom in peoples gardens. Many of these buds were emerging from the decay of nature around it. I feel for some of us we do not realise the light and the beauty that is emerging from us. Instead we see the brokenness of our situation, the disappointment and the darkness. It can be truly crippling, there is no denying that. I truly believe that even in the toughest situation, hope can be found. That is due to my faith that I have in Jesus. I do not know where your hope lies, but, I pray that it will be in something steadfast and true.

Two years ago, my mindset was completely different to what it is now. It did not find a lot of beauty in life and it was completely negative. I struggled a lot with how life was going and felt like such a failure in many ways. It took a lot of time for my mind to come out of this way of being. I know there were many people who prayed over me and who walked along with me, as I tried to get to grips with everything. For sure, my life did not turn out the way I expected it too. However, I feel blessed in how it has gone so far. To let go of unrealistic expectations and to learn to breathe more. To enjoy the process, instead of always trying to reach a certain goal to be fulfilled.

Truthfully, life is uncertain. We never know what will be round the corner or who we will become. I feel we need to learn to be more gracious to ourselves. We need to learn, that it is okay not to be okay. To be honest with how life is going but we should never give up on hope. There will be occasions when we need to rethink the process. We may need to take a left instead of a right. We may even fall out of love with what we believed to be truly passionate about. That is all part of life, nothing can ever stay the same. That can be disappointing but it can be liberating. Life is not something that we can control as much as we wished we could.

One thing I am thankful for is a Saviour who knows what it truly means to be human. Who has walked through all the highs and lows of life. Who has known the greatest joys but felt the deepest pain. I believe in a Jesus who is not far from our pain, who is with us through it all. There is a song by Amanda Cook ‘ Our Breath Back’, you can find it on Youtube, that I truly love. It proclaims the life that can be found in Jesus. A God who is not fearful or ashamed of our brokenness but will hold us close through it all.

“He dignified every single human emotion. Everything that causes us to be anxious and frantic, Jesus lived it. So I just see him coming in so gently tonight and giving us the realisation of breath…. YOU ARE GIVING US OUR BREATH BACK”.

I believe in a God who can change around our situations or at least change our perspective in the situations. A God who can bring healing to us or use our situation to bring healing to others. For I have seen, how my past has been used to bring hope and encouragement to others.

You may feel disappointed with how life is going now. I pray that you would be able to find joy within the process. That you would allow what you are going through to grow you as a person and to come out of it stronger. May you be thankful for the people that will come alongside you, to support and hold you. May you not give up the hope, that you will blossom once again. It may not be in the place that you imagine but you have so much life to give. There are people who need to meet you. There are places that need to be impacted by you. There is beauty that needs to embrace you. This is not the end. It may be the closing of one chapter but there is much more to come. You are doing amazing. Stand strong and offer the world what you have to give, no matter how small it may be. Life will begin again. It is the small steps of faith, that lead to something much bigger.

If you feel like you are losing everything, remember that trees lose their leaves every year and they stand tall and wait for better days to come” – Unknown

I finish with something that has really helped me. I learned to appreciate the small things. Whether that is going for a walk, enjoying a coffee in my favourite cafe or hanging out with friends. Life is not only happening when we have our successes. It happens in all the small things around us. Last year, I kept a journal for each day to remind me of the beauty and the goodness in that day. For some days, it was tiny little things but they mattered a lot to me because it reminded me how wonderful life can be. Keep pressing forwards and learn to appreciate the small things. Before you know it, life will be moving again.

Remember you are loved and cherished. God bless, Victoria. XX



2 thoughts on “We shall all blossom again.

  1. Our present situation is not our final destination as long as we desire to move forward as long as we desire for change to come. We will all bloom again and again. One day we will bloom for eternity for ever because we our Resurrection people through faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for a blooming good blog. 😄

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