Lessons I’m learning from : Psalm 139 (Having a heart of surrender.)


The past two weeks we have been looking at God being a God who breaks down barriers. This week I want to continue on this topic. Being broken to be reshaped is a process that I am going through at the moment. It is God bringing down all these ideas and limits that my perception had put on him. Allowing me to walk in a greater freedom in my faith and to grow in a deeper relationship with God and people. One of the ways that God has been doing this, is through scripture.  I share with you the lessons that I am learning and how they are reshaping my life and faith.

I spent the past week meditating on Psalm 139 and it was an incredible insight into how close God is to me and how much purpose he has poured into me. Psalm 139v10 ‘Even there your hand shall lead me , your right hand shall hold me’ (ESV). No place is impossible for God to reach, no height nor depth can overcome who God is. Even when we feel so isolated and hopeless, we feel no one can reach the place that we are in. God is there and he is holding us through it all. That truth is hard to grasp because our perspective is limited but to have the faith in that promise, God is truly in all things and through all things it gives the hope to press on. There are areas in my life, which I attempt to shut God out of. They are places that are tinged with darkness and struggle or they are places that I feel that he would not want to be. To be reminded that there is no place that I can go where I will be able to escape from God’s presence. It is allowing me to surrender and to allow him in, as he always wanted to be. Once God is allowed into a situation, that which was hopeless becomes hopeful.

The truth of God being in all situations is proclaimed in v 12 ‘even the darkness is not dark to you, the night is as bright as the day, for darkness is as light with you’. This Psalm continues to teach that what we believe is our limit, to God is no boundary. In our darkest night, God still sees the beauty and hope that will flow from that situation. God does not give up on me or you, we should not give up on ourselves. There is nothing that God cannot turn around for his good. The Psalm teaches us to put our hope and trust in God, he makes the impossible possible.

v16′… in your book were written, every one of them. the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them’.  I am learning to accept the truth that God holds all my days and that has always been his way. The good, the bad, the messy; God already had them all. There are many days when I go to bed having had a rough day, when I can find beauty in being able to thank God for it being over, and for him getting me through it. This verse struck a chord because of the care and purpose God has poured into me, and into you. Every day that I will live has already been recorded even before I was on this earth. That is a crazy thought but it brings peace because none of my days are out of God’s control. He holds them all. God holds me in his thoughts and his love is continuously pouring into me.

v18’…I awake and I am still with you.’ God’s presence is present, he never leaves me, no matter how much my mind would like to tell me otherwise. To know that God is with me consistently, it makes me want to spend time with him more. God is so interested in me and my life, I want to know what he sees me and to have faith to trust that the life he has given me will be purposeful. That has allowed me to let go of the things that I used to hold onto as safety nets because they always took more out of me than I was willing to give. Where as God pours love, grace and peace into my life in abundance and I am thankful for that. In a world that would tear us apart, God holds us and makes us victorious in accordance with his will. In growing it enabled me to let go of people who were having a negative effect on my life and I was most likely doing the same thing to them. When there are two people who are completely different in views and in life choices, someone is always going to have to give in to save that. Where people have been removed from my life, God has replaced them with people who in relationship we encourage and support each other as we go through life.

Final thoughts (there is so much goodness and life is Psalm 139) is that of surrendering. The whole Psalm 139 focuses on how intimately God knows us, how we are purposefully made and our life choices. The final verses proclaim v23-24 ‘Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.’. It is that willingness to give it all to God, for me it is allowing him to transform what I thought was living, into the life that he always wanted me to live. For God to know my heart, gives me peace. Knowing that when things may fail in life, my heart will continue to trust and hope in God. Finally in allowing God into the darker aspects of my life – the sorrow and my sinful ways – wanting him to transform it for his good. I want to have a closer walk with God, through Jesus that has all become possible.  As I learn to surrender more and more of my life to God I spend more of my time in his presence. As I open up all areas of my life to God, I pray that I will know a greater hope and a greater peace within my life. I pray that you would allow God to speak through scripture and allow him to transform your life into what it was always meant to be. For it is a life full of hope and grace.

May you have a blessed week. May you continue to learn and grow in grace. Love Victoria. xx

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One thought on “Lessons I’m learning from : Psalm 139 (Having a heart of surrender.)

  1. Lord you know all things! There can only be two responses to this revelation of Truth. Oh! Guilt Ah! Grace. The Lord who knows all things is the Lord who is with us in all things and through all things. His GRACE is sufficient so let us raise our Ah! For His Grace. Excellent Psalm wonderful insight.


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