Rest (New series)

Happy Sunday to you all!!

This past week I have been adjusting to my new job. I was blessed with many hours of work; which enabled more opportunities to be trained and to learn the different aspects of the job. I am thankful for how God has been so present with me in the workplace.

In the process of learning for this new role, is it has made me more tired and I have had to seek more rest.

The Lord has been teaching me the importance of rest. The week before the one just past. My dad kindly gifted me the book ‘The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry’ by John Mark Comer. It was truly insightful of how much life we are missing, especially when we hurry. How vital it is for our spiritual life to slow down and to be present. I do want to talk more about the book in an upcoming blog but it was such a timely gift. It taught how important time with God is and how important it is to rest in his presence.

A quote found in the book states ‘To walk with Jesus is to walk with a slow, unhurried pace. Hurry is the death of prayer and only impedes and spoils our work. It never advances it.’ (Walter Adams)

It is an important truth for all of us who like to hurry through life. I know when I hurry through life, I tend to forget to do something or I do not do it well. When I slow down and surrender it all to God. I truly find a job or task which I thought would consume me or be to difficult is always made possible. I was even reminded in work this week, when I had a task to complete. I was not being timed they simply wanted me to do my best.

In finding my rest this week. I have started with my quiet time in the morning. It means waking up a bit earlier but nothing compares to starting my day with the Lord. I have been taking time to pray, especially in asking the Lord for strength and wisdom for my job. Having some time of thanksgiving for all the Lord has been doing. Then I spend some time reading a Psalm and some of Isaiah. It does not take more than 30/40 mins. It helps me to remember who the day belongs to and I am not doing the day on my own.

I want to share briefly about some encouragenment I found in a Psalm this week. It is one of the more familiar psalms, Psalm 139, but I want to highlight some of the verses.

If I go up to the heavens you are there; if I make my bed in the depths you are there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide, your right hand will hold me fast. (Psalm 139v8-10).

These verses are truly encouraging because of how intimate and close God is to us all. He truly never leaves us or forsakes us. If we place our trust in the Lord, He will truly guide us through everything. It may not always look pretty but He will hold us through it all. As I meditated on these verses more, it is a beautiful example of how we can rest. Even in our hardest battles, we need not do it in our own strength. God will firmly hold us, protect us and guide us through it all. We truly can find rest in his presence because there is no place where God cannot and will not meet us. May we learn to leave our burdens down and find rest.

Finding rest in the Lord’s presence sometimes means literally resting. By the time I have got home from work, had some food and a shower. I am truly tired. I will normally have some quiet time. Which is generally sitting with the Lord and sharing my day with him. I trust the Lord has been with me through it all but I like having time to think on all I have learned and done within the day. I take some time to pray and maybe journal. Other days I simply sit with the Lord, in thanksgiving for all he continues to do in my life and in the life ofthose around me. To learn to rest this way has been such a blessing.

This month I want to take time to look at the topic of rest. I trust they will be a blessing to us all.

From your sister in Christ, who is taking the day to rest and be thankful; before the working week. I hope you can do the same. May you find time to sit in the Lord’s presence. To find peace and rest there.

You are my strength, I watch for you; you, God, are my fortress, my God on whom I can rely. (Psalm 59v9)

May you have a blessed week. May your heart and mind seek rest in the Lord. God bless, Victoria. Xx

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